Christmas Stories

A message of Christmas Warmth from the Staff of Prime Subaru Manchester:

​​​​​​​Hi Everyone, this year, two staff members of Prime Subaru in Manchester, NH were able to meet up with our local homeless shelter Helping Hands in Manchester New Hampshire and drop off some much needed supplies. Manchester Subaru and Helping hands are no strangers. We have partnered with Helping Hands in the past and we have built an awesome relationship. So grateful for this opportunity to drop off some Subaru blankets and socks, we stayed for a member of the community's birthday gathering and had some cake. We got to discuss what they might need for further donations and what would help them stay warm and functioning. Being conscious of the anonymity factor we don't have pics of the whole group at the birthday meet but we hung out for an hour and shared stories. Thank you Helping Hands!! We love to have you as a part of our Subaru community.  May you have a warm Christmas season and winter!!